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Carnosol CAS 5957-80-2 Oil Soluble Rosemary Extract

Description: Oil Soluble Rosemary Extract

Principal Ingredient: Carnosol

Specifications: 8% to 20%

CAS No.: 5957-80-2

Molecular Formula: C20H26O4

Appearance: Brown to yellow greenish powder

Application: Used in edible oils, food supplements, meat products, food, cosmetics, pet food, etc.

Effect: The antioxidant ability superior to VE, TP, anti-bacteria, lower blood lipids, prevent hypertension and atherosclerosis,etc.

Package: 25kgs per drum, double LDPE bag inside. 

Storage Condition: Stored in well sealed container away from moisture and direct sun light.

Shelf life: 12 months.


TAG:   Carnosol CAS 5957-80-2 Oil Soluble Rosemary Extract Carnosol CAS 5957-80-2 Oil Soluble Rosemary Extract
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